Party Animals


Party Animals series is captured in the wilderness of the Black Sea beach, out of season. It is this strange quiet mood and the absent usual nightlife for this popular beach between Cocoa Beach and Hotel Kuban in Sunny Beach, attracts the attention and the lens of Iliyana Kancheva. The paradox of the place, without the tourist influx, is captured in a total of 12 frames. The original photographs, which captured the effects of the pandemic attack and the endangered species of “party beasts”.

Light buildings or high-rise constructions erected on the unstable foundation of golden, soft, fine Black Sea sand are the ugly emblem of this struggle. The failed design, torn nylons and haphazard landscape are in stark contrast to the impressive blue and gold background of the sea. In order to bring out this anti-image, Iliyana Kancheva processes the collection of collected photos by cutting out only those strong, somewhat ugly, somewhat charming, and sometimes absurd examples of the slow and prolonged destruction of our impressive natural resources.

The transfer of the image sealed through the lens on an ordinary white towel, and it is selectively cut and shown, is only the most important opposition to the classical form, in which the work is valuable. Only in the background comes the souvenir, a pale imitation, for mass use, on everyday objects – pencil, notebook, cup… In Party Animals this discourse on value is turned upside down – the repeatedly overexposed image on a household item is the work of high value, and to it as a free addition, as a cheap cross-promotion, the original source of inspiration is provided – the natural landscape. The towel bears the symbols of our occult-uralized Black Sea coast, of the cloned images that scatter the sand for months every year to leave behind a grotesque natural picture. Places like Cocoa Beach and other unexpected buildings and light structures on our sea are already a household name, which for years shows why in this collection the towel with distorted reality is a valuable artifact to the sea set and nature is only an additional free gift.

The Party Animals collection consists of a set of collage prints on a towel and the original image in the form of a framed photo printed on photo paper. Each of the “summer sets” has a circulation of up to 10 copies.

Text: Petya Chalakova(

some pictures from the first presentation of the project in Depoo Gallery in Sofia >>