HEDDA GABLER by Henrik Ibsen

theater play

November 2016 at Ivan Dimov Theatre, Haskovo


Director: Kris Sharkov

Set Design: Ralitsa Toneva

Costume Design: Iliyana Kancheva

Cast: Ina Dobreva, Blagoi Boichev, Vasil Chitanov, Biliyana Georgieva, Ivaylo Dragiev


THE DEAD CITY by Julia Savikovskaya

theater play

March 2016 at Slavyanska Beseda, Sofia


Director: Vasilka Jordanova

Set and Costume Design: Iliyana Kancheva

Cast: Marina Aleksandrova, Irmena Chichikova, Hristo Terziev


LIV STEIN by Nino Haratischwili

theater play

October 2015 at Theatre Off The Channel


Director: Kris Sharkov

Set Design: Chavdar Ghiuselev

Costumes & Video: Iliyana Kancheva

Music: Asen Avramov

Cast: Anastasia Ljutova, Vesela Babinova, Penko Gospodinov, Vasilena Atanasova, Luisa Grigorova

photos by Simon Varsano



Obi4.com(love.com) by Ekatherina Kuncheva

theater play

November 2014


Director: Dimitar Kabakov

Set Design and Multimedia: Iliyana Kancheva

Costume Design: Boryana Cherneva

Cast: Ekatherina Kuncheva, Vania Doneva, Rosen Belov, Ivan Laskin, Milen Nikolov

photos by Daniel Lekov


“The wolf and the seven kids” musical by Alexander Vladigeroff

April 2014

At the Sofia Opera and Ballet


Director: Julia Krasteva

Set Design: Pavlina Eusterhus

Costume Design: Stanka Vauda

Video Projection: Iliyana Kancheva

Choreography: Maria Lukanova


Black/White Balance

January 2014
This is my first experiment with Kinect and Processing. Very basic, but exciting for me, since programing is quite new to me.



Penta Pulse

June 2013
Аudio-visual/mapping installation for Water Tower Art Fest 2013, Sofia. The main group of people who participated in the project was:  Borislav Ginov, Mihail Vurbanov – creative & realization; Tzveta Ermenkova – texts & script; Me – animation & mapping; I/O Band –  original music & sound design. However in the last days/nights many other friends contributed to the final result with their time and help. Big thanks to them!

short live version

making of

full version


Day 1

April 2013
a little time-lapse experiment I made during the workshop “ZEITRAFFER/TIME-LAPSE”, organized by Goethe Institut, Sofia and led by Venelin Shurelov
song: J.Arthur Keenes Band – Videogame Theme



Planet Pong

This little film was made during “BITTA GENERATION” workshop for sustainable development in Vasto, Italy, June 2011 (http://www.orasustainableliving.eu/, http://www.youtube.com/user/ORAchannel)
idea & realisation: Iliyana Kancheva with the precious help of Polina Stoyanova
sound design: Darko Pavlovic (song used: Asian Dub Foundation – New Way New Life)