Imagery is everywhere. We do not function without it anymore. We are currently creating and living in an iconosphere, a kind of grotto loaded with images where all is present through a picture rather than through matter. We are devoted to constantly flooding this space with our most representative pictures. When sharing our own image we approve every single detail as the light, the composition, the gaze. In this manner we are constructing the desired icon of ourselves, the one by which we would like to be remembered. Gradually we act more and more on this fictional, polished image. It begins to create a secure reality, where the self is protected and the indiscriminate and random provocations are limited .

“Image Don’t Cost a Thing” is a machine – generator of “bad pictures”, through which I challenge the viewer’s expectations of his image. The installation is a replica of the photo booth. Everyone can enter the booth to have a snapshot, but in return the machine acts erratically. It takes pictures spontaneously, capturing an unexpected and raw image that substitutes the one desired by a participant.


video documentation >>

and what was generated during the installation’s first presentation at The Fridge Gallery 13 – 25 November 2015 >>