Special occasion

2014 Interactive installation which consists of forty two found photographs. Poor composition, overexposed, underexposed, blurred, blinked eyes – these photographs are considered as a failure of capturing a…


out of time

2014 Interactive installation which explores the way time is elapsing. It examines the shortest possible piece of time – the second, the moment. The work plays with catching…


Bulgaria, texas

2013 Series of snapshots taken on expired films, while travelling around Bulgaria. By their character they are all accidentally captured moments in different places with nothing in common….


instructing helmet

2013 An installation-performance created for “Turn on the city” Art Festival in Burgas, Bulgaria idea & realization: Angel Chobanov, Boriyana Cherneva, Radostina Todorova, Iliyana Kancheva(DA.MA) sound by Ani…


today’s walk

2013 “Today’s walk” is a video performance recorded by a camera, installed on my head while I am walking through my daily routes around the city. It is…



2013 The screen is divided to four equal parts. In each part a different video is played. Together the four videos are forming a face. In the different…


Blocks in the cosmos

2012 Double exposure experiments on film.


the fear

2011 It’s the result of my first experiments with stop motion. The story is based on Franz Kafka’s parable “Before the law” The Fear from Iliyana Kancheva on…